About Cindy Tomcak

I began my career in the mortgage industry as a loan processor in the mid 1980s—when it was all done with paper and pen! It was a thrill to be part of such an important milestone—the process of getting a family into their first home.

I moved into the role of loan officer and during those 11 years is when I experienced the immense value of people in this industry. In those days, we did much of our work face-to-face with clients and referral partners. What bonded us together and made us successful was an unspoken code of ethics we all seemed to share. I achieved great success during this time.

It was that level of integrity coupled with my relentless drive for results that promoted me to Producing Branch Sales Manager of Wells Fargo Bank in 1995. The ultimate challenge for me was sorting out how to infuse into my team that same commitment to doing complete work, as well as teaching them how to cultivate bulletproof relationships with referral partners. For 7 years, I sharpened my training claws all the while navigating the evolving and ever growing demands of being a manager in this industry.

In 2002, I was promoted again, this time to Nebraska Area Manager of Retail Production for Wells Fargo Bank. Strategic work was my focus for nearly 4 years as I developed myself in the areas of budgeting, planning and growth. I built and nurtured relationships with over 8 different business lines for cross-selling opportunities.

My career was at an all-time high… Until a soul-tearing, personal tragedy struck. My 16-year old son, Brandon, was involved in an automobile collision and was killed instantly. After 23 years of pouring my heart and soul into the people of the mortgage industry, I took a leave of absence to heal myself and take care of my grieving husband and surviving son. It was a time of deep reflection of both my personal and professional life.

I knew my return to the industry would be unique. Armed with over two decades of experience and a mind for bringing something new to the table, I began my coaching and advisory career working specifically with those in the mortgage and financial services industry.

I have built a program that helps people run their business while letting their true strengths, personality and talents shine through.  Being in the mortgage industry is a demanding business. I have the deepest respect for the knowledge, commitment and drive each one of you have.

The industry has been very good to me. It allowed me to build a very successful business. My hope and prayer for you is that you will pursue your business and life with vigor. Consistently applying and sharing the principles and learnings I share, showing up each day and enjoying the rewards of living, a good life.

Make today and every day a great day,
Cindy Tomcak