“The first and most important step towards success is the feeling that we can succeed.”  Mateusz M.

Can you believe that we are already one month into 2016?!  It’s time to start kicking things into high gear. Have you had a chance to work on your 2016 Advantage Plan? If you haven’t, I would strongly encourage you to go back and review this post to identify your big goals for this year.  If you have, but have not fully engaged yet, then this is for you!

It’s only February, but the holidays are over and while it’s still cold outside and business is somewhat slow, it’s too easy to let fear and doubt set in.

So, what is the big deal about setting goals?

You won’t be able to achieve your goals if you haven’t set any. If you have the mindset that not setting goals means that you don’t have to worry about achieving them, you are wrong!

Here are some things that you might be thinking about:

  • I’ve been in the business a long time, so what can I possibly do to rejuvenate my business?
  • I’m tired of continuing to go out and ask for business. I think I’ve asked everyone saying the same old things and I keep getting the same results.
  • I’m uncertain about the future due to industry challenges such as getting loans approved, new industry changes with TRID, etc.
  • I’m frustrated that the company I work for is not up to speed with social technology. 

If you get into the habit of blaming everything on others rather than taking a good look at yourself and your own ideas, you are going to get in a serious rut.

Now it’s time for the hard truth: I believe that now is the time! It doesn’t matter if you have a plan or not or if you feel that it is not a good time of the year to do business because of the weather. It doesn’t matter when you start – just take that first step!

You have to make it happen instead of waiting for it to happen.

It’s time to make a plan of action to get motivated for a great 2016! I am here to help guide you along your journey.

A plan is your GPS. It provides you direction to move forward, it helps you to know what to accept and what to decline, all focused on directing you toward the results you desire.

Start your New Year right now. Let’s make a 90 day plan together.


It’s time you believe in you!

Step 1: Know What You Want

Your Task: List what you want to achieve and implement within the next 90 days. (Example: I want more referral partners)

  1. List all of the referral partners you think are in your corner.
  2. Identify how much business they gave you in 2015.
  3. Are they low maintenance/high payoff or high maintenance/low payoff?
  4. Bless and release those that are high maintenance and low payoff.


Believe you are capable!

Step 2: Create a Positive Belief System

Your Task: List the excuses and negative self-talk you have been using over the last 30 days. Here are some examples you may be thinking right now:

  • I can’t reach out to my old referral partners as I ignored them during the refi times. They won’t want to work with me now! What would I say?
  • I can’t get into the real estate offices, they have in-house lenders.
  • Calling my past clients is a waste of time, it always goes to voicemail.
  • I just need to stay in the office to push my loans through.

Forget all this negative self-talk right now! It’s just standing in your way and it’s all based on fears, not reality.

  1. Make a list of who you spend time with and identify them in two categories: Mover and Shaker or Debbie Downer (HINT: Move away from the Debbie Downers and toward the Movers and Shakers)
  2. Identify one source of positive input either via podcast, video, reading, or blogs and listen to it for 20 minutes a day. (When can you find the time? How about while getting ready for work, driving to and from work, over a lunch hour, or before bedtime).


I want you to know that I understand what you are going through and where your mind is currently. I have been right where you are. It’s my sincerest desire that you have an outstanding 2016!

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Cindy Tomcak is a 30+ year veteran of the mortgage industry.  Cindy has walked in many of the same shoes as you, as a Processor, Loan Officer, Branch Manager and Area Manager.
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