“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

How often have you faced a goal and no matter how hard you try, you just cannot seem to get started? This is an uncomfortable place to be and no one wants to stay here long. However, you have only two choices:

  1. Stay stuck and avoid the inevitable
  2. Take action and get past the discomfort

Today, I want to have a conversation with you about the importance of taking action by stepping outside of your comfort zone. There are only a few times in my career and life that I have not felt that tug of concern over the thought of making a new choice. It’s because of the unknown factor that we, as humans, worry over things we have not yet experienced. It’s something deeply ingrained in our basic instincts.

If you don’t get past this primal fear, you won’t see any real results.

Let me share with you some tips and advice I got from one of my own coaches on the subject of taking action to create results.

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Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

These were wise words shared with me years ago from my coach. You see, I thought I was taking action in the right direction for my business. I was stepping out and adding Jumbo lending to my expertise. Yet, I was already well-known for doing great things in the First Time Homeowners program. I was comfortable with this because I knew it frontwards and backwards.

Was I really stepping out into something new?

The truth was that I was very uncomfortable with learning something new and it was causing me to slow down, dig my heels in, delaying what I knew I needed to do and therefore, I did not make the connections I needed to make. The very fact that I allowed myself to stay in this place of being uncomfortable was actually causing a delay in achieving the goal I had set for myself – a lot of self-defeating behavior that took me a while to see.

Here is a little exercise I’d like you to try:

  1. Close your eyes and think of the goal you have in mind.
  2. Observe how your uncomfortableness is stopping you.
  3. Think about where you feel physically uncomfortable.
  4. Now breathe through this feeling as you visualize yourself easily moving past it.
  5. Open your eyes. How do you feel? What sensations are you having?

Oftentimes, the way to move beyond something that makes us feel uncomfortable is through identifying what additional skills or knowledge is needed. You may need to learn some new information, create scripts and talking points, and of course, really understanding your products so you can confidently share them with others.

Be Persistent – Stay the Course

Some of the best advice I ever received was from one of my Regional Managers, who advised me, “Cindy, stay the course.” This simple phrase had such a positive impact that I still use it today, even when faced with tough situations. No matter what roadblock, difficulty, objection, or detour that comes my way – I say to myself “Stay the Course” and it gives me that extra boost of confidence I need to keep taking action.

Here’s a game you can play using the phrase:

“Stay the Course”

When you are feeling doubt or facing uncertainty:

  • Stay the Course – if an agent tells you No for an appointment
  • Stay the Course – if you lose a deal
  • Stay the Course –  if rates go up
  • Stay the Course – if a new guideline changes
  • Stay the Course – if you are not doing the volume you think you should be doing by now

Now, you can only control what you can control in life and in business, however, this game shows you how easy it can be to react with control and focus when conditions change around you. It’s about making a conscious choice to stay the course and always keep moving forward.

The Mortgage Maven Method that I developed is based on these principles and many more. I strongly believe this method will be of great help when you are facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, as well as when achieving every goal you have set for yourself. Take the next step in your journey and download your free copy today.

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