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Every time you have a conversation, it needs to count. The trouble is, as sales professionals we’ve become overly busy and distracted by modern technology, consumed by efficiency and process, and less…human. On top of that, there are five very distinct generations in the market, each with their own style of communication. The Making Every Conversation Count – Sales Communication Program teaches the lost art of communication in a cross-generational, multi-device world. Developed and taught by a seasoned leader in the competitive mortgage market, you’ll learn best-of-class techniques for getting more from your conversations, not only with others, but with yourself.

Make Every Conversation Count programs:

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Who Is This For?

Sales professionals and non-sales staff who are the front line communicators to prospects, clients and referral partners.

Key Benefits

Get outstanding sales results

Build lasting relationships

Convert more prospects

Effective Sales Communication Training

As the front line professional in your industry, you must develop outstanding communication skills to stand out and excel. Learn how to harness words in a powerful way to influence and determine the outcome of your sales performance with this specialized sales training.

Program Overview

You’ll enjoy the fun, interactive sales communication training that starts with discovering and improving your own unique conversational style. Participants learn how to identify the verbal and non-verbal communication preferences of others, including colleagues and customers. Increase your confidence and be a more enlightened sales professional with the ability to adapt your conversations to connect with others more effectively. Establish rapport quickly and close more sales.

Effective Sales Communication Training

Six, 60-Minute Instructor Led Modules

MECC for Sales increases communication and effectiveness by focusing on six key areas:

Module 1: Networking Skill Building
Escalate your networking results by leaving a positive and lasting impression on everyone you meet.

  • Turn socializing into networking
  • Build first impression introduction skills
  • Evaluate networking events for best results
  • Make connections and following up

Module 2: The Power of Body Language
Enhance your overall communication skills by learning the power of body language

  • Eye contact skills
  • Communicating through body language
  • Confident posture
  • Honoring people’s space

Module 3:  Understand Your Sales Style

  • Learn how personal priorities influence selling behaviors
  • Learn to recognizing and understand customer buying styles
  • Adapting your sales style to your customer’s buying style

Module 4: Create a Winning Mindset

  • Identify limiting beliefs and turn them into beliefs that fuel success
  • Gain greater self-awareness
  • Increase your energy and productivity

Module 5: Make the Sales Conversation Count

  • Be intentional
  • Ask! Ask! Ask!
  • Reject Rejection
  • Practice Persistence

Module 6: Adding Value after Hello

  • Speak with Impeccability
  • Keep your Agreements
  • Find a Way to Serve
  • Give more to get more

Customized and Flexible Facilitation Options


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Half Day Options


2-Hour Sessions


1-on-1 Coaching

Maximize your ability to lead others through outstanding communication techniques and be viewed as an influencer in your market. Catalyze and improve the performance of your team, one conversation at a time.

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