What People Are Saying

Cindy has provided Training Support for me previously and is outstanding! …She is very much like you and me and would be a wonderful resource thought out many levels of our organization. I would be very interested in working with Cindy again as she really “gets it”!

Brett Toyne

Midwest Regional Manager, Homeowners Financial Group

Cindy, your keynote in San Antonio was very worthwhile.  The key points had a profound effect on me and are moving me into action to make changes in my business.

S. Robbins

MLO, Country Mortgage Division

Thank you for helping me understand that not everyone is like me in the way that we communicate.  You enabled me to communicate better with people in a more positive way.  It has made me a better leader.

V. Williamson

President, Nebraska Title Co

The team, including myself, has a new found understanding of each other now…it has really proved to be a wonderful learning for us all and put us on the path to make every conversation count!

A. Panton

Area Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

Cindy provided thought provoking questions and tools that helped me to reach my sales goals by 3rd quarter and have a 13% increase over last year.

P. Kottich

MLO, First Mortgage Co

In the first year of Cindy’s training we realized an increase in accountability and loan volume.  Cindy is a great training resource and any company engaged in mortgage lending will benefit from her expertise.  I give Cindy Tomcak my highest recommendation.

G. Akers

EVP, First Mortgage Co

Great event!  Cindy you do a great job-your experience and enthusiasm shines through.

P. Peters

Centris Federal Credit Union