The year of 2015 is over and complete. There is no going back.  At the beginning of each New Year the slate is cleared.  Everyone’s closed production numbers begin with zero. Everyone’s profit and loss begins with a clean slate, which suggests, everyone begins the New Year with the same advantage point.

High achievers know what success looks like and take pains to define what is required to make it a reality – they plan their work and work their plan every day.  High achievers have also learned that their annual success depends on a fast start in January.  This fast start helps establish solid momentum, develop sound activity and work habits, and keeps you on the offense.

As you launch into the New Year, bring these building blocks with you to secure your advantage.

“What does success look like for 2016?”

Decide what you want!  I want ____________________ 

Identify your 3 Big Goals for 2016

These are the three goals, when achieved will make 2016, undeniably, the best year of your life.  Focus on these three only.  Say “Yes” to the activities that will move you forward and let go of everything else that distracts your focus and drains your capacity.

1. __________.



Now that you know where you are headed, what do you need to do to get there? This question is trickier than it looks.  Many people get caught up in the thousand things they need to “do” to accomplish their goals.  The reality is that you are only one or two key habits away from achieving it.

Ask yourself:  What is one or two habits/activities that you know if you did superbly well and consistent, would have significant positive results in your business?

Once you have these you have everything you need to be successful.  Now you just need to do them, over and over again, without fail.

Track it, because the results don’t lie!

Tracking your activities and results are like a GPS, they prevent you from drifting.  You need to know if you are on course. Each time you are off course, readjust your course and head back toward your goal.  Take 30 minutes a day to track and review your results.  Stay the course!

Decide what to improve on.

Focus on improving those skills that are the most vital to the achievement of your 3 Big Goals.  Goals change each year and so do the skills needed to achieve them.

“If you want to have more, you have to become more. You have to grow into your goals.” Jim Rohn

During a workshop I facilitated with 100 real estate agents and loan officers, I asked them, “What is the one activity that if done superbly well and consistent, would have significant positive results in their business?”  

9 out of 10 said building stronger relationships with prospects and referral partners.

They also stated that they knew what they needed to do, yet found themselves either:

  • uncomfortable going out and building relationships or
  • frustrated that they are not seeing the results of their actions.

As a sales professional in today’s world, it is vital to examine your communication and selling style. A lack of understanding of your own personal communication style can lead to real problems such as tension, disappointment, unmet expectations and poor communication.

The good news is that there is a simple way to understand how people behave and how they are motivated to say Yes. We call this the  “The DiSC® Model”.  This concept will allow you to unlock the mystery behind developing great people skills and creating better relationships.

To learn more, join me for my free How to Win Business and Influence People online training happening January 13th.

During this quick and to the point 40 minute online training, I’m going to provide an introduction to The Disc® Model. During our time together, I will:

  •  Introduce the four DiSC® Styles in a memorable way that will serve youthrough 2016 and beyond.
  •  Provide a clear understanding  that everyone has their own communication preference and how knowing those can impact your results.
  •  Identify how you can adapt your communication style in order to maximize the impact on your audience and your bottom line.

Start the New Year off running with an advantage!

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Cindy Tomcak is a 30+ year veteran of the mortgage industry.  Cindy has walked in many of the same shoes as you, as a Processor, Loan Officer, Branch Manager and Area Manager.

To impact the industry’s toughest challenges, she masterfully developed the Mortgage Maven Method, the Mortgage Industry’s #1 Breakthrough for Sales Leaders and their teams.

Her other program – Make Every Conversation Count teaches and increases authentic communication skills in leaders, sales professionals, and support teams of all generations.

Cindy is a well-seasoned and experienced expert advisor who delivers her message through speaking, holds a variety of impacting seminars and coaches individuals and teams to success.

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